I Tattoli is a prestigious property located in Val di Pesa, just a few kilometers away from Florence, and owned by the Bini Smaghi Bellarmini family.

Over the centuries, the property has been one of the primary and preferred residences by members of the family, thanks to its favorable location surrounded by beautiful scenery and its various agricultural productions.

On 3 November 1428, Giovanni di Jacopo Bini, a rich Florentine merchant, purchased the estate with nine sections of land from Madonna Daria, widow of Antonio de’ Bardi. In the following years, his son Piero, a political figure close to Lorenzo the Magnificent, promoted the construction of the prestigious dwelling.

Between 1481 and 1483, the ‘casa da Signore’ and its surrounding fields belonged to Bernardo Bini, who in the following century obtained high positions in papal finance as treasurer of Giulio II and Leone X in Rome. Bernardo Bini also maintained professional relationships with the protagonists of the Renaissance including Michelangelo Buonarroti, Raffaello Sanzio, Leonardo da Vinci and Sandro Botticelli.

During the seventeenth century, I Tattoli, on which some neighboring farms also depended on, represented the nucleus of important production activities from which conspicuous goods were obtained including oil, wine and cereals.

The villa, a real administrative center, is assiduously frequented by the Bini family and their friends such as Giovanni Bilivert, leader of the Florentine art scene, and a priest, Fr. Pietro Bini, who founded the congregation of San Filippo Neri in Florence, together with Francesco Cerretani.

In the following centuries, I Tattoli boasts a vast range of cultivated fields, olive groves and vineyards whilst the main residence undergoes extensions and renovations; in 1847 Lorenzo Bini, the last descendant of the family, called upon his nephew, Lorenzo dei conti Smaghi Bellarmini, son of his sister Beatrice, to inherit the property.

The exponents of this family, guardians of these historical and traditional places, are committed and dedicated in continuing to promote the food and wine excellence produced at I Tattoli, appreciated in Italy and all over the world.

Nastagio degli Onesti

Below are the four paintings donated by Lorenzo the Magnificent and painted by Sandro Botticelli to celebrate the wedding of Lucrezia Bini and Giannozzo Pucci.

The paintings narrate the short story of Nastagio degli Onesti written by Giovanni Boccaccio in his collection of tales; The Decameron.

The young Nastagio, madly in love with a woman, whose feelings are non-reciprocal, travels to Ravenna in order to forget his love for her. While walking in the pine forest, he witnesses a terrible scene of a naked girl running away as she is being chased by a knight and her mastiffs. Nastagio tries to defend her, but the knight tells him that this is her punishment for making fun of him and for inducing him to commit suicide. The two are sentenced to repeat this punishment every Friday. Nastagio decides to organize a banquet in the same place and invites his relatives and the family of his beloved. As expected, the scene repeats itself and the young man achieves his longing goal, the young Traversari woman agrees to marry him. The two get married the following Sunday.

The three coats of arms of the Medici, Pucci and Bini families are shown in the third and fourth scenes.